Release 1.3

New Features (6)

  • [CLOUD-317] - Enable backup for DynamoDB Tables
  • [CLOUD-378] - AD integration with ADP
  • [CLOUD-873] - Cognito MFA support for user authentication
  • [CLOUD-874] – Option to delete the datasets in bulk.
  • [CLOUD-877] - Support for common libraries/packages for ETL jobs
  • [CLOUD-963] - Add resend verification code for forgot password feature

Enhancements (15)

  • [CLOUD-951] – Additional s3-athena data type validations
  • [CLOUD-965] - Pagination for Dataset Search results
  • [CLOUD-935] – Permissions update for Cross-account role
  • [CLOUD-683] - Update/replace vulnerable npm libraries
  • [CLOUD-851] - Add back button to all views header links
  • [CLOUD-861] – Ability to select replication instance during DMS task creation
  • [CLOUD-863] – Display run information for JDBC connection tasks
  • [CLOUD-865] – Ability to schedule the JDBC full-load tasks
  • [CLOUD-867] - Option to delete full-load tasks
  • [CLOUD-929] – Support of Notification settings for ETL Jobs
  • [CLOUD-934] - SQL Server support for Amorphic connections
  • [CLOUD-950] – Improve application security by adding more headers
  • [CLOUD-957] - Truncate dataset option for ‘s3athena’ type datasets
  • [CLOUD-958] – Include s3athena type datasets in creating/editing views
  • [CLOUD-949] - prevent Clickjacking attack against Amorphic

Bug fixes (12)

  • [CLOUD-852] - Fix ‘refresh token expired’ continuous pop-up issue
  • [CLOUD-945] - Unable to load data to S3 through ‘full-load’ task with DWH target location
  • [CLOUD-954] - Malformed response after attempt to create dataset without a domain
  • [CLOUD-955] - Unable to unload data from Redshift to S3 through JDBC CDC task if the redshift table size is more than 5GB
  • [CLOUD-956] - JDBC - Normal job fails when databases are publicly accessible
  • [CLOUD-961] - Validate datatype conversion for Glue
  • [CLOUD-967] - Ext-API glue job is not being deleted when the connection is deleted
  • [CLOUD-770] - Dataset creation issue if Latest Record Indicator and Record Keys contain the same schema column name.
  • [CLOUD-916] - xlsx to csv conversion issue for ‘reload’ type of dataset
  • [CLOUD-928] - HealthCheck email notification issue for Squid proxy errors
  • [CLOUD-944] - Version change issue with Forecast entity detection job
  • [CLOUD-1001] - Unable to request access to a dataset with authorized groups attached