An Amorphic User is a person/entity registered to the application. An user capabilities is determined by the type of role assigned.

Amorphic User section provides the following capabilities:
  • List all the existing users in the system.
  • View user profile details.
  • View a comprehensive list of all the resources owned by an User. Example : What role the user has, datasets created etc.
  • Suspend and Delete an User.

The following picture depicts the User Management Console in Amorphic:

Users Home Page

Amorphic User contains the following information:

User Metadata Information

Type Description
User Name User Name, which uniquely identifies the registered user.
Email Address Email address of the user which is registered with the Amorphic application
Full Name Users’s full Name
Default Role User’s default role determines what all services that he/she sees when logged in
Email Subscription ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ depending on the user’s subcription to application’s email notifications
User Creation Date Timestamp when the role was recently updated.

How are users associated to an role

As part of Amorphic RBAC, every user is provided with one default Role which provides basic application access. Other than the default role, User can be attached to a Administrator created custom role. Each user can have one or more roles based on the level of responsibilities.

User has the ability to switch between roles to perform various activities and can choose his/her default access role for quicker access to Amorphic services.

User Operations

Amorphic Users provides the following operations

View User(s)

You can view an User(s) in Amorphic by using the “Users” section under “Management” of Amorphic application. Please find the following animation for quick overview of Users.

View Users

Suspend User

This option allows an administrator to suspend/de-activate an user temporarily. Please follow the below animation to suspend a user.

Suspend User

Delete User

This option allows an administrator to Delete an user permanently. Please follow the below animation to delete the User.

Delete User

Once the ownership of resources have been transferred, they can be accessed by the new owner.

View transferred resources