Access Grant Reports

Access Grant Reports feature in Amorphic allows the users to view all the user-accessible resources and the respective Authorized Users and Groups. This feature helps in saving time for the user where otherwise it would have take a long time to view resources one at a time.

Access Grant Reports provides the following capabilities:
  • Users have the option of selecting the resource-type from the dropdown on the top.
  • Once selected, all available resouces of that resource-type are displayed on selection console. All the resources are disaplyed in a sorted fashion for Selection. The sort criteria varies for each resource-type.

Currently, Datasets is the only available resouce-type. Other resouce-types may get added in future.

The following picture depicts viewing the access grants for the selected resource:

View Access Grants

User can download the access grants report using the ‘Download Report’ button on the top right corner of the page.

Download Access Grant Report