Amorphic Page Structure

Each Page in Amorphic is divided into 3 parts :
  • Header
  • Side Navigation-Bar
  • Content
Amorphic Site Structure

Side Navigation-Bar

The Side Navigation-Bar is a pretty straightforward navigation menu bar. It enlists all the features present in amorphic. Each item in the menu, when selected, leads to the respective feature page. All features in the Side Navigation-Bar come with their respective icons for quick recognition.

The Side Navigation-Bar can be shrinked and docked to the side of the screen to give more space to working area. This can be achieved by clicking on the Toggle Side Navigation-Bar Button option present in the header, right next to the Amorphic Logo. On shrinking, only icons will be visible for each feature. The menu expands again when it is hovered by the mouse pointer or if Toggle Side Navigation-Bar Button is choosen from the Header.


The Content portion of the screen is any content that is enclosed in-between the Header and the Side Navigation-Bar. Any feature selected through the the Side Navigation-Bar leads to a content which is displayed in this section of the page. Also, any URL entered, displays the requested data here in this section of the screen. Any bookmarks placed (if applicable) , also acts on the content present in this section.