Amorphic Home

Home Page is landing page displayed when a registered user logs into the Amorphic Web App. This page is a dashboard showing a snapshot of the overall application to the user. Apart form display it houses certain frequent actions and navigations a user can perform to interact further with the app. Since this view is customized for each user, it gives the convenience to read and decide next course of actions much faster thereby saving a lot of valuable time.

Amorphic Site Structure

Lets discuss about the different aspects of the Home Page:

Resource Card

The Resource Card holds a quick view of that feature and the no of resources of that kind available to work upon for the user. The user can directly navigate to the respective component by selecting the Link option on the bottom of the card labelled same as the Resource Name.

The Resources currently appearing in Resource Card are:
  • Groups
  • Datasets
  • Connections
  • ML Model
  • ETL Job
  • Entity Recognizers
  • Notebooks
  • Forecast Job
  • Endpoints
  • Dashboards
  • Schedules

Refresh Button

The Refresh button reloads the entire Home Page contents again to reflect any updates in the values currently visiblr. This option is particularly useful when working with multiple browser tabs/windows in Amorphic. An update in some other tab/window may not instantly reflect on the Home Page and this option helps reload these specific metrics instead of the entire window.


Bookmarks are a quick navigation tool to a particular resourcve page in Amorphic. This tab in Home Screen is the place where all the active bookmarks placed by the user are displayed. The user may choose to directly navigate to the bookmarked page from here. Filter option is available for Filtering if the no of places bookmarks are high.

Access Requests

Access Requests tab hosts all the requests a user has either sent out for requesting access to an Amorphic resource or all those requests a user recieves from others requesting access to an Amorphic resource for which they hold the owner rights. A filter drop-down is available for toggling in-between sent and received requests. Reload button of the Access Request tab works same as the Refresh Button but reloads just the latest available Access Requests.