Amorphic deployment to customer’s own AWS account

Amorphic solution can be installed into customer’s new AWS account in two hours. The high-level process is given below. The Amorphic deployment process triggers from Cloudwick’s AWS account.

Cloudwick suggests you create a new AWS sub account under the root account using ‘AWS organizations’ service. Using a sub account provides great level of isolation for the resources in AWS. Amorphic solution is built by following AWS best practices around infrastructure and security. The entire solution comprises of 30+ AWS services that will be deployed into a private VPC.

  1. Steps to Deploy Amorphic into a New AWS Account

Below are the steps to deploy Amorphic solution into customer’s AWS account.


1.1 Create a new AWS account or sub-account

Cloudwick suggests you create a new AWS sub-account for Amorphic deployment if you have a root account already. If not, a new AWS account will suffice for Amorphic trial installation.

Make sure that you have administrative access to the new account. The next step is to run an AWS ‘CloudFormation’ template to create an AWS IAM role. This role will be used to securely deploy Amorphic from Cloudwick’s AWS account.

1.2 Run the ‘role creation’ CloudFormation template in your new account

In AWS management console, navigate to ‘CloudFormation’ service and choose ‘create stack’ option to start the role creation process. Select ‘With new resources’ option.


In the next window, please select the options as displayed below and enter the following URL in ‘Amazon S3 url’ box.


In the next window, please select the options as displayed below and enter the following details

Stack name: This is an identifier for the role creation template. An example name can be ‘Cloudwick-Role-Creation’

The other paraments as follows. Please fill the section 2.3 (Region, Environment, and Project Short Name) before proceeding to the next section.

pDeployRegion – For customer in US, please select from the below regions: us-east-1/us-west-2/eu-west-1

pEnvironment – Logical name for the environment: prod, dev, demo, trial etc.

pProjectShortName - Any 3-5-character name like short company name - amzn

pTrustedAccountId – 236295975124. This is Cloudwick’s AWS account ID.


In the next window, select all the defaults options and click next.


In the next window, please select all the defaults options and check the box for acknowledgement and click create stack.


Wait for 2-3 minutes and click the stack name to see the resources created under ‘Resources’. A new role must have been created with the name ‘AmorphicDeployRole’. Please click on the Physical ID of that role.


The role ARN information is required to proceed to the next step. The ARN will look something like this: arn:aws:iam::167270772459:role/reds-us-west-2-trial-AmorphicDeployRole


2.3 Cloudwick remotely installs Amorphic to your account.

Email the below information to Cloudwick at Cloudwick support team will deploy the solution to your AWS account and the Amorphic login information will be shared to you in an email.

Region: Environment: Project Short Name: Your AWS Account ID: The Role ARN created above: Contact Email ID:

  1. Amorphic Self Registration and Login

Cloudwick will send the Amorphic URL for you to self-register and login to the platform. Follow the instructions to login to the platform. The first user logged into the platform will get the administrator access.