Each Dataset is registered to a Domain. Domain may refer to the specification of type of business/Industry/Purpose or other. This will help the user maintain/saggregate between different dataset.

The Dataset domains need to be created first in the Amorphic Administration options. The dataset can be created only post domain creation.

Suppose user wants to create two datasets, one is medical related and one is infrastructure data. It would be useful for the user if he creates two domain, madical and infra, and create the dataset under relevant domains

Below is the picture of component that can be used in domain feature to create, update, filter and delete domains.

Domain components

Below is a graphic performing create, edit and delete operation for a domain.

Domain components graphic

Domain Filters

Each Dataset is registered to a Domain. The Dataset domains need to be created in the Amorphic Administration options.

The Amorphic dataset has a hierarchical structure such that Files are associated with Datasets which are associated with a domain. Hence to create a Dataset, you need to first create a Domain using Amorphic Administration. Then create a Dataset and upload new structured, semi-structured or unstructured files to the Dataset and upload the respective files.

Manage Domain

List of domain in the system will be displayed in domain column under the dataset. Each domain in the list, has its metadata displayed below the title. There is no limitation on the number of domains to be create, but it is recommended to fewer domains to avoid confusion.

It is always a good practice to check of there is an existing domain under which, user wants to create a dataset, before creating the domain. Duplicate domains (same domain names) can not be created.

Add Domain

User can add a Domain by clicking the “+” icon in the right top corner of the Domains page. The user would need to enter Domain Name, Display Name, and Description to create a Domain.

Once the Domain is created and the Domain list is refreshed, the user will be able to see newly created domain in the list of Domains.

Update Domain

User can update the Domain using the edit icon (pencil icon) on the Domain card. User will be able to update Description and Display Name fields but not Domain Name field.

User can Update any Domain, as there are no access permission for Domains.

Delete Domain

User can delete Domain by clicking the delete icon(trash bin icon) on the domain card. If there are dataset created under this domain, then the domain can not be deleted.

The associated datasets have to be deleted inorder to delete the domain. User can only delete the dataset he/she has full access to.