External API Connections

External API connections are used to import data from APIs to Amorphic Dataset. Only API Authentication of type BASIC is supported as of now.


Below are the ways to create an External API


To create an External API connection, user has to enter API Endpoint, HTTP Method and Query String Parameters. Below image shows how to create an External API Connection

External API BASIC Connection
Connection Name
Name of the connection Amorphic
Connection Type
Type of connection. In this case it is External API
Connection related information user wants to store
Authorized Users
Amorphic users to whom user wants to have access to this connection
API Endpoint
Endpoint URL from which data needs to be extracted
API Authentication
As of version 1.1.3 only BASIC is supported
HTTP Method, as of version 1.1.3 only GET and POST are allowed
Query Params
Query string parameters which the API URL takes as input.


There is an option to edit an External API Connection. To edit an External API Conection, click the edit button which on the right corner.

Description and Authorised users of an External API Connection can be changed.

Below image shows how to edit an External API connection

Edit External API Connection


On the top right corner, there is a button with trash can on it. Click on it to delete.

Below image shows how to delete a connection

Delete External API Connection